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Completion of this section is voluntary. The information collected will assist in assessing and providing student services.
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Student with Special Needs
StFX provides services for students with disabilities. Please contact the Health and Counselling Centre at 1.902.867.2263 or Accessible Learning at 1.902.867.5349 to discuss your options.
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High school transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Office before your application will be considered.

For Nova Scotia high school students only

By supplying your Nova Scotia Provincial Student Number on this application form, you acknowledge that we have your permission to make an electronic request for your high school transcript, through MyTranscripts, to the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD), and that EECD has your permission to send an electronic copy of your transcript, and subsequent updates to us.

Your academic transcript will be collected, used, disclosed, retained, and made secure by us only in accordance with the conditions stated above and the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Should you not wish to have us request your transcript electronically, please do not provide your high school student ID. In this case, you must request transcripts from your high school and mail them to the StFX Admissions Office.

Post Secondary Study
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In addition to high school transcripts, all applicants must submit transcripts from any other post-secondary institutions attended. Failure to do so could result in the application being denied or academic dismissal upon a later disclosure.
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An applicant may choose to apply for up to two programs using one application. Should this be your intent, please choose a second program here.
Co-op Option
What person(s) if any were influential in your decision to apply to StFX?
What were some important factors in your decision to apply to StFX?
If either of your parents or other family members have attended StFX, please list their names and approximate year of graduation.
A bit about yourself
What interests you the most about the program to which you are applying?
What are your plans after you obtain your degree?
Please use the following space to include any additional information which you feel would be of help to us in making a decision on your application. If you are not currently attending a high school or a post-secondary institution, please state what you have done since leaving high school
Are you interested in applying for a room in residence?
Room Types and Living Learning Communities Available
Included in room: *PLEASE NOTE: This is only a general representation of what is available in the rooms.
  • single bed
  • dresser
  • mirror
  • desk and chair
  • wardrobe or closet
  • shelving
  • microwave (Mount Saint Bernard & Bishops Hall only)
  • mini fridge (Mount Saint Bernard & Bishops Hall only)
  • shared bathroom, laundry & lounge facilities
  • common kitchen facilities (Mount Saint Bernard & Bishops Hall only)
Residences Room Type Gender Notes
Bishops Hall
Single Traditional Mixed Gender Traditional residence, consists of Burke, Plessis, Fraser houses.
Mount St. Bernard
Single Traditional Mixed Gender Recommended for Nursing Students
Included in room: *PLEASE NOTE: This is only a general representation of what is available in the rooms.
  • two single beds
  • two desks with two chairs
  • two dressers
  • two armoires
  • shelving
  • bulletin/white board outside bedroom door
  • mirror
  • laundry facilities in building
  • washrooms facilities on each floor
Residences Room Type Gender Notes
Bishops Hall
Double Traditional Co-ed Traditional residence, consists of Burke, Plessis, Fraser houses.
MacIsaac Hall
Double Traditional Co-ed Largest traditional double rooms on campus.
MacKinnon Hall
Double Traditional Traditional residence centrally located. Consists of Chisholm, Gillis and MacKinnon. Co-ed by door.
Cameron Hall
Double Traditional Traditional residence centrally located. Consists of Tompkins & Thompson, MacPherson & MacDonald houses. Co-ed by door.
Included in room: *PLEASE NOTE: This is only a general representation of what is available in the rooms.
  • consists of:
    • double bed (single suite) two double beds (double suite)
    • armchair(s)
    • desk and chair(s)
    • bulletin board(s)
    • wardrobe(s)
    • dresser(s)
    • wall mirror(s)
    • blinds(s)
    • tv(s)
    • private bathroom
  • kitchenette:
    • fridge
    • microwave
    • counter space with sink and cupboards
Residences Room Type Gender Notes
Riley Hall
Singles and Doubles n/a New state of the art building which opened September 2013. Rooms include double beds, flat screen TVs, mini-fridge & microwaves. Each suite has a private washroom.  Each building has a cardio room, movie room and a large lounge. Shared kitchen facilities (fridge, stove, sink, dishwasher) on each floor.

Academic-Based Living-Learning Communities

Humanities Living-Learning Community
Open to first-year students, the Humanities Colloquium LLC provides an introduction to Western culture and great works of philosophy, literature, and the arts. Students explore connections between these subjects as they collaborate with peers and faculty in a common intellectual exploration. Study skills, writing, and critical thinking abilities are honed in this unique living environment which connects with you likeminded faculty and students.

Nursing Living-Learning Community
The Nursing LLC is open to first-year students considering a career in nursing or healthcare. Students enroll in nursing coursework, participate in nursing-related programming, and network with nursing faculty, student leaders and university alumni. Students will be inspired and challenged by programming activities, and live with fellow students who share their passion for health and wellness.

Interest-Based Living-Learning Communities

Eco-Living Living-Learning Community
Do you care about your ecological footprint? Are you interested in environmental solutions? Want to be challenged to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Open to all years of study, the EcoLiving LLC is for people with a passion for the environment who wish to live an ecologically conscious lifestyle. Through a variety of programs, residents are equipped to make an impact on StFX campus and community at large.

Indigenous and Allies Living-Learning Community
The Indigenous and Allies LLC welcomes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who are interested in learning more about Indigenous peoples, traditions and culture. As a member of this community, you will participate in cultural events and educational programs that will improve your leadership skills, enable you to develop relationships with local Aboriginal and African Nova Scotia communities, and strengthen your connections with faculty from across campus. This LLC is open to students from any discipline and level of study.

Lifestyle-Based Living-Learning Communities

Substance Free Living-Learning Community
Students living in this LLC represent varying academic interests, campus interests and backgrounds, yet share a common commitment to a substance-free lifestyle. Open to all years of study, this LLC offers an engaging residential environment for students want to live among others who share similar lifestyle values. It is the responsibility of each member of the community to maintain the integrity of this option.

Quieter Lifestyles Living-Learning Community
While evening quiet hours are observed in every residence, those who prefer to live in an environment with greater restrictions on noise may request to live on a Quieter Lifestyles Floor. These floors are arranged as demand requires. Standards for quiet are set by the residents on each floor. This LLC is open to students in all years of study.

Living-Learning Communities (optional)
Residence Preference
If you are applying for residence, please indicate below your first, second, and third preferences for residence living. More information on residences can be found at
Other Preferences
Would you like to live on a floor designated only for first-year students?
Do you prefer order and neatness in your space?
Do you prefer to go to bed after midnight?
Do you smoke?
Would you live with a smoker? (all StFX residences are smoke-free)
Designate your Roommate (optional)
Request must be mutual and StFX student ID number must be provided
Medical Condition
Do you have a medical condition that may affect your room assignment?
If you choose 'Yes', the Residence Office will send you a form to bring to your physician to document your condition before accomodation will be considered.
Statement of Understanding

Room assignments will be made exclusively to students who have been accepted to the University and have paid the $100 academic confirmation. A $400 residence deposit must be made before you accept your room assignment. First-year students who complete this process by May 15 will be guaranteed a room in residence. Once residences are full, students will be offered a place on a waitlist. Students who withdraw their residence application and contract prior to June 1 will receive a full refund ($400). Cancellation after June 1 will result in forfeiture of the $400 deposit.

I understand that, to the extent possible, my residence hall assignment will consider the preferences noted on this application, and I understand further that specific assignments are not guaranteed. I also understand that room and roommate assignments are not assigned or reassigned according to race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Complete details on the room assignment process are available at

Application Fee : $40 CAD

Promotion Code:

I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations which apply to students of StFX University and acknowledge that my right to remain at StFX is subject to them. The information in this information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that StFX adheres to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation as it applies to university.

St. Francis Xavier University gathers and maintains records of personal information, including but not limited to the information in this form, for the purposes of admission, registration, provision of educational services, ongoing contact with students and alumni, and soliciting support for these and other university activities. The collection, use and disclosure of personal by the university is governed by the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, S.N.S. 1993, c5. The information provided by applicants in this form, and other information provided to the university from time to time, will be maintained in the university's records. The personal information provided may be used by university personnel and disclosed to third parties as required or permitted by applicable legislation or in accordance with the purposes for which it was collected. By submitting this Application for Admission, you indicate your consent, pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described above.